Herr Stückle

Animation from lomografics

During the practical semester in the summer semester 2001 at the FH Augsburg, we had a week of block lessons on the subject of professional knowledge.

In this context, Prof. Robert Rose asked us to bring an object that reflected our work as designers and to explain the philosophy behind it. I chose my Lomo, an inferior camera from a technical point of view, made in Russia.

The term Lomography refers to an artistic practice dedicated to creative and experimental snapshot photography. The cheap construction of the camera creates effects such as strong vignetting and also a certain blurriness. One of the characteristics of lomography is that it plays with not being technically mature.

“Derived from the Eastern Bloc photo camera Lomo, a rudimentary device that shoots rudimentary images, the term Lomography is a term that has been used to refer to a variety of photography techniques. As a global megatrend formed around digital photography in the ’90s that enabled flawless, nonstop shooting, creatives put on the brakes and reverted to rustic cameras. Lomographers preferred automatic image enhancement to the shaky. Radical opposition gave rise to a business sector for which new products are constantly emerging.”
Paolo Tumminelli

For more information

Lomografie - Studiengang
Study program, Augsburg 2001
Lomografie - Schau mir in die Augen
Look me in the eyes, Augsburg 2001
Lomografie - Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm
The calm before the storm, Kroatia 2002
Lomografie - Unterhaltung
Serious conversation, Urspingschule 2000
Lomografie - Fauler Sonntag
Lasy Sunday, Berlin 2002
Lomografie - Seemannsknoten
Sailor knot, France 2001
Lomografie - Beängstigend
Scary, Guatemala 2000
Lomografie - Vollmond
Full moon, Belize 2001
Lomografie - Willkommen in Berlin
Welcome to Berlin, Berlin 2000
What a fun, Munich 2002
Lomografie - Zuviel Tequila
To much Tequila, Mexico 2001
Lomografie - Auf nach Amsterdam
Off to Amsterdam, Cologne 2002
Lomografie - Frische Nudeln
Fresh pasta, Italy 2001
Lomografie - Wasserspaß
Water fun, France 2001
Lomografie - Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts
Hops and malt - God preserve, Munich 2001