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Palindromic animation
DVD mit transparentem Case und Flyern
The work was presented as a DVD with flyers.

The palindromes Otto and Anna not only give my thesis its name, but are also indicative of its content. Just as Otto and Anna can be read forwards and backwards, this computer animation can be played from the beginning and the end.

The topic of my diploma thesis was the visualization of a period of time. So I used the theme in the realization of a computer animation quite consciously and literally, made the attempt to substitute time by space, the camera thus becomes a clock, space becomes time.

By staggering photos, the virtual space is created. Following the principle of collage, everyday impressions merge into a fragmented moment, a moment of 3 minutes. The protagonists of the video are integrated as still images in urban settings, the camera follows them at stations of experience.

The structural design of the animation is both spatially symmetrical and event symmetrical to the time axis. This structure results from a description by Stephen Hawking about the division of space-time by an event in the past and future cones. The story takes place on the horizontal slice plane through the past cone.

The starting point and ending point of the animation were identical, in time and place in the now.

The result is a DVD in which the names of the two protagonists on the screen are the menu buttons. So you can decide in which direction the video is played.

Hannah Höch, Schnitt mit dem Küchenmesser
Schnitt mit dem Küchenmesser, Hannah Höch - 1919

Already during my art – Leistungskurs I was enthusiastic about the collage. It is both a technique and a work of art created in this technique. Here, a new whole is created by gluing various elements onto a base, from which the name is derived, from the French coller – glue or glue.

I dealt intensively with the Bauhaus artist Kurt Schwitters and the collage artist Hannah Höch.

Muybridge's The Horse in Motion, 1878
The Horse in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge - 1877

Im Rahmen einer Ausstellung an der ich mit der Videoinstallation teil, welche im Rahmen eins Semesterprojektes mit Kommilitonen an der HS Augsburg entstanden war, sah ich zum ersten Mal Fotografien des Pioniers der Bewegungsdarstellung, dem in England  geborenen, kalifornischen Fotografen Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904). Seine Momentaufnahmen zeigen Menschen und Tiere in verschiedenen Bewegungsphasen, aufgeschlüsselt innerhalb verschiedener Zeitintervalle.


In the context of an exhibition in which I participated with the video installation, which had been created in the context of a semester project with fellow students at the HS Augsburg, I saw for the first time photographs of the pioneer of movement representation, the Californian photographer Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904), who was born in England.His snapshots show people and animals in various phases of motion, broken down within different time intervals.

White Stripes
The Hardest Button to Button, White Stripes - 2003

For me, MTV was irreplaceable in the late 90s and early 0s.I was particularly influenced by filmmaker Michel Gondry. His trademark in music videos was the playful, yet precise synchronization of motion sequences in the video with musical elements. The videos The The Hardest Button to Button by the White Stripes, or Star Guitar by the Chemical Brothers are just a few outstanding examples of this. I found the video of Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World particularly interesting, because here Gondry addressed the theme of time and space.

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