Herr Stückle


The photo series warten was taken with a pinhole camera made of wood with a curved projection surface.

The size of the exposed negative on 120 roll film is 6x17cm.The camera has a focal length of 90mm and an aperture of f300, which means that the depth of field ranges from 0 to infinity.This results in exposure times of up to two hours when using a film with low light sensitivity plus an additional ND filter, depending on the time of day and subject.

When photographing moving objects, the aim is usually to have a short exposure time in order to capture the movement or to use a longer exposure time as a stylistic device. The moving objects become blurred, time becomes visible. With an exposure time of up to two hours, objects that were in motion when the aperture was open are no longer visible. All photographs showed moving objects during the exposure. The camera frames a period of time. The title adds the imaginary to the obvious. If you know the title of the picture, the time period is revealed and thus what you don’t see. If you don’t know it, it is only a fragment.

What is fascinating about the camera is its simplicity and how, through the selection of the film, patience and intuition, expressive large-format prints can be produced that are visually irritating due to the lack of blurring. The scanned negatives are only minimally post-processed digitally. Dust that becomes visible during scanning is removed. Some areas are re-exposed, others are dodged.

No filters or AI are used to alter the image.

~9min | wood ants |
~8min | kitesurfer |
~8min | connoisseur |
~12min | flow |
~6min | I can drop by for a moment |
~12min | wind in your ears |
~24min | containership |
~20min | sailing students in holiday care |
~12min | group of hikers |
~12min | dinghy trip |
24min | swans |
~24min | playing dogs |
~15min | early sportsman |